Brighter-Homes provide a power washing service

Brighter-Homes provides a Power Washing Service

Power Washing

We provide a power washing service which include roofs, driveways, paths and patios.

We take great pride in our maintenance service.  With all the rain we normally get you would not think we would need our roofs cleaning, but you would be surprised by all the dirt, grime, moss growth and weeds that can accumulate on a roof top.  Our power washing service eliminates all the dirt, grime and moss etc. bringing the roof to its former glory.  Power washing does make a difference.


We also clean and maintain driveways, paths and patios.

The entrance to your home is important and is the first thing people see so it's nice to see it at its best.  The grime that builds up can make surfaces slippy to walk on, and the rain doesn't clean everything away. We can remove and treat surfaces to keep the weeds away for longer.  All the dirt, grime and weeds are washed away giving you a driveway, path or patio that shows its natural colour.

We also provide a repair, re-sanding and sealing for block paving.

Over time, although there will still be evidence of kiln dried sand at the base of the block pave joints, it is a good idea to have them re-sanded.  This gives the block paving some protection against the movement of vehicles over the surface and makes them more stable.

Sealing driveways - once the block pave driveway has been cleaned, and maintained we can offer a sealing service.  This keeps the weeds at bay for longer and enhances the colour of the block pave.

Tarmacadam Driveways

We offer a cleaning service and also a repair service for tarmac driveways.

Tarmac can also be re-surfaced.